ION CubeSat Carrier

The ION CubeSat carrier is a satellite platform manufactured and operated by D-Orbit to carry out InOrbit NOW missions.

It is a complete spacecraft, with its own avionics, electrical and power, attitude control, thermal control, and command and data handling subsystems. Throughout its mission, it can modify its own attitude to accommodate the specific needs of each client. The avionics is designed with high reliability in mind, and all mission-critical subsystems are redundant. The carrier features triple-fault tolerant release commanding subsystems, guaranteeing the release of all CubeSats even in case of failure of the main system. 

A 60 cm cubic dispenser provides an internal volume that can accommodate several combinations of 1U, 2U, 3U, 3U+, 6U, 6U+, 12U and 12U+ CubeSats along the vertical axis, until completion of the 48 slots available. 

Each tube mounted onboard has its own independent spring release mechanism to guarantee that your CubeSat will be released at the right time and with the right impulse. 

ION features D-Orbit Decommissioning Device (D3), our proprietary solution for spacecraft decommissioning. D3 is an independent, compact, and smart propulsion device designed to decommission a satellite at the end of its mission in a quick, safe, and controlled way. D3 is available for spacecraft of all sizes, including CubeSats. Check out to discover more.