Precision Deployment

With traditional dispenser, your CubeSat is released into an undefined orbital position, in conditions that can delay or even compromise your mission. 

Enter Precision Deployment.

Precision Deployment is ION’s ability to release each CubeSat in a different orbital position, with the attitude, pointing, and impulse you need.

Thanks to its attitude control unit, ION CubeSat carrier can modify its orientation. By calibrating the spring releases mechanism, each CubeSat receives the desired impulse. The release is ground-initiated, so you can release your CubeSats right above your ground station or in specific light conditions.

Fast Dispersion

A standard dispenser release all its CubeSats in a swarm of narrowly dispersed satellites. If you are setting up a constellation, it can take months to move each CubeSats in its operational slot. 

Enter Fast Dispersion. 


Fast Dispersion is a release strategy that significantly reduces the deployment time of CubeSat constellations of up to 85%.

By releasing each CubeSat into a precise orbital slot, we guarantee a wide separation between spacecraft, a faster signal acquisition, and a stable collision-free formation that is essential for spacecraft with no independent propulsion.


Guaranteed Deployment

ION is equipped with an autonomous fault-tolerant mechanism for CubeSat release. An on-board timer monitors the time elapsed from last ground contact. Should a failure compromise communications with the ground, all the CubeSats would be released consecutively, a few minutes apart, in a completely automatic way. This emergency protocol is triple-fault tolerant, completely autonomous, and independent of most spacecraft subsystems. 

Such a provision guarantees CubeSats deployment within one month from launch at most, in minimum mission condition that would not perform Precise Deployment and Fast Dispersion, even in the very unlikely case of loss of both nominal and redundant units. This kind of minimum mission would still match  the performance of all CubeSat dispensers in the market, giving you and your CubeSat an unprecedented degree of mission assurance.


Extended Volume

We are the only company offering an industry-record allowance for lateral protrusion like deployable antennas, lenses, and structures.

Soft Launch Environment

The ION CubeSat carrier guarantees a launch environment with reduced vibration and shock levels.

Easy Integration

Guaranteed access port during launch integration.

Low Tumbling Rate

The tumbling rate upon release is kept below 6 deg/s.

Multiple form factor support

A 48 1U volume to accommodate multiple combinations of 1U, 2U, 3U, 3U+, 6U, 6U+, 12U or 12U+ CubeSats, with industry-record protrusion allowance.