Add-On Services


A space mission is a delicate tradeoff between distinct, sometimes contradictory requirements. You want your CubeSat to carry all the hardware and consumables necessary to complete the mission, while avoiding any unnecessary redundancy that could increase mass, consume power, and waste propellant. This is the essence of mission analysis and design, the art and science of tradeoff. Lucky for you, we have the scientists you need (and some good artists too.)


To design and manufacture a satellite you need a good understanding of how multiple unfamiliar technological, environmental, and physical variables may affect the outcome of your mission. You need to select the best components you can afford, lay them out inside the available volume, take advantage of synergies between subsystems, and prevent possible interferences. If it sounds complex, it is: this is rocket science, after all. If it is your first time, give us a call: we will save you a steep learning curve.


Your CubeSat is an extremely delicate package that requires the best care during transportation. This is why we offer specialized transportation services from your manufacturing laboratory to our integration facility. We are prepared for all your transportation needs, ensuring the integrity of your equipment.


All CubeSats must pass an array of acceptance tests, like thermal vacuum, vibrations, and shock. If you have never done it before, you may feel overwhelmed by the requirements. If you have done it before, you wish you could delegate it to someone else. Either way, we can assist you with this important step, and let you focus on what matters the most to you: getting your satellite to space.


In the space business things can go wrong in the most unexpected way. If you don’t feel comfortable with just crossing your fingers, we offer you a turnkey insurance package covering all the life cycle of your CubeSat, from engineering to the very end of your mission. Moreover, the insurance covers every single payload of your CubeSat, providing you with a parachute in case of partial failure. We partner with the most important insurance players in the market to provide you with competitive conditions.


If you don’t like bureaucracy, you should not launch a satellite. Or maybe you should let us handle bureaucracy for you. Our experts know how to deal with every step of the launch campaign, so you can relax knowing that we will take care of filling in ITAR forms, prepare range safety assessment, and develop interface control documents (ICD) for you.